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Partnered Puppies!

Chase N It Farm is proud to have produced the following puppies and families! 
References ALWAYS available!

Call 605-484-8147 or email for information on becoming a new puppy parent! 
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Dakota (Reno & Vegas, 2007) and new little sister from us, as well Neely (Reno & Razzle, 2011)
1/2 siblings in MA!

Bingo (Reno & Razzle, 2011)

          King                                                              Queen
ADOPTED! Congrats Joni of MT                         ADOPTED!  Congrats Chelsea of WY

Small Mini or Toy blue merle boy  Meet "DEUCE"                   Mini blue merle    boy  Meet... "ACE" aka "Blue"
left eye full blue, right eye brown, AKA "Buddy"                        Right eye 3/4 blue, left eye brown with blue spot
                             ADOPTED, Congratulations to Kathleen and Family of CALIFORNIA! 
All three blue boys are going to live forever together!!

Above JOKER and ACE (Mirage and Monte 2010) 1 year old

  Meet "JOKER" blue merle boy                                       BOY  Meet "JACK"       
aka. "Brownie" with two beautiful brown eyes!                    aka "Dice", black tri w/stunning points!
ADOPTED, congrats Kathleen of CA             ADOPTED, congrats Rhyanna & Family

Gracie (MirageXChauncey 08)

A Special Anniversary card from FENN (Mirage X Chauncey08) for Cherie and Shawn of Chase N It Farm!

Marshal (MirageX Chauncey 08)

Zaia (RenoXVegas)
Now called "Boone" and a Frisbee great!

Nora (MirageX Chauncey08)


Zed (Reno X Vegas 08)... Kyaking fun!  Loves the water!

Jet (Mirage X Chauncey08)

Secret (Mirage X Chauncey08)


Excalibur "Shadow"
Mirage (Reno X Vegas)



Sahara winning!
(Reno X Vegas 06)


"Ka'" now called KOGA in Canada!
(Reno X Vegas)

DRALION aka....... "LION" (Reno X Vegas)






Cisco WINS 1st place at his frisbee competition, June 2009!!!



Blue Moon                                                                   Pepper
                                Opposite blue/brown eyes

 Mirage becomes a momma!

Samba and Family

Gracie and family!


Fenn and Family (Mirage X Chauncey)


Secret (MirageXChauncey)


Marshal (Mirage X Chauncey)

Liz (MirageX Chauncey)

Nora and Family (mirageXChauncey)


Siena (VegasXReno)

Wrangler with his new big brother!