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Rhocky Rhoad Arabian

Rhocky Rhoad

Mares must be approved.
Shipped semen is charged by world class collection facility,at their rate, plus $75 transport fee to Chase N It.
Fee for 2016 is $250 for collection plus sales tax.  Counter to Counter is $425 plus tax, based on available flights, 24 hours notice. 
Collections are MONDAY/ WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY only, call 605-673-3157
Payment plans available w/contract and non refundable booking fee.
**Live Foal Guarantee


Conformation unaltered in all photos!

**Taking orders for AUS/NZ frozen semen, until September 30, 2017**

Chase N It Farm and Rhocky Rhoad have produced foals that have
sold Internationally to Switzerland, England and Australia!

(Khartoon Khlassic X PC Padrona Bey)
2005 Bay Arabian
AHR # 0619024
PtHA # 127250
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or call 605-484-8147 or 605-673-3157
Sire of Multiple Regional and World Champions

June, 2017 above photo by Cherie
Sire of Silvr Lining (Rhocky Rhoad X Shaitanna) 2013 black filly (video on FB/Youtube)

NOTE:  NONE of my photos, or any photos appearing on my site, have altered the conformation of any animal.

Some backgrounds are changed, for your viewing pleasure.  Orginals are always available for concerned parties to view, and accomodations are available for visitors. 


CEREBELLAR ABIOTROPHY results for Rhocky Rhoad(CBA1713): N/N - Normal: horse does not possess markers associated with CA

UC Davis tested Ee, Aa, can sire any color...even blacks.  Flaxen Carrier, has produced multiple flaxen progeny.
Sweepstakes Nominated

Winner of 3yr old Prospects in Hand USDF Breeders Championship Series
Producer of USDF Champion Filly with highest score at the entire event!

photo, above, taken July 28, 2010
Our breeding fundamental, is to produce an outstanding Arabian, that is versatile.
NEW for 2015, we have found a lab that was able to test, Rhocky Rhoad's line for W15, dominant white.  This test is newly available to the public, by a private lab.  We still use the term, sabino, as in the phenotype (or apearance) of the white pinto markings on purebred Arabians,due to the fact there are still unidentified Dominant White strains, in purebred Arabians--including three mares, that we owned that did not test for known W strains, yet they still exhibit the sabino phenotype, pinto markings.  In no way are we saying they are SB1 (which is true sabino, in other breeds).

Anyone can find a sabino phenotyped, pinto Arabian, but finding one that is an outstanding ARABIAN STALLION with true Arabian conformation AND Color, is near impossible.  If that stallion has no potential wrapped as a 'plain' chestnut, bay, black or grey, then there is NO SENSE in him being a stallion, at all, more or less a breeding stallion!
Chase N It Farm has been blessed with an outstanding Stallion of Color that has the genetics, conformation and pedigree to shine in the show ring and breeding pen. 
Rhocky Rhoad is a USDF winner and his first progeny USDF and local WINNERS!
His Purebred Son's Rhevelation and Rhockefeller are showing over seas.

We do NOT mass produce.
Rhocky covers quality mares with potential.
We have a few SELECT progeny available per year that have been carefully bred.  If a mare does not seem to 'fit' our program, we 'tweek it' to find the best possible mares AND lines that cross SUPERIORLY with Rhocky Rhoad.
Rhocky Rhoad has received RAVE REVIEWS and so has his Progeny!
We offer generous breeding options, finance options, and attention.

All Photos appearing on this website of Rhocky Rhoad are taken by Cherie of Chase N It Farm (unless otherwise disclosed) and may NOT be used without express written permission.

  As conformation is important in any breeding program, you must understand, that to CHASE N IT FARM, personality IS part of conformation for us.  When we say our stallion is of the ut most conformation, it includes his OUTSTANDING mind.  This stallion has a "live in your tent" brain, this is quick to learn, quick to THINK, quiet to be around.  NO biting whatsoever, no kicking, just eager to see what is next. 


  All rights reserved, please do not reproduce without permission.


Bloodlines of the greatest Arabian horses, ever. 


Khartoon Khlassic
1996 Bay



Bay 1967


 according to Volume 80
All-Time Leading
Sire List


    1962 Grey

1958 Bay

1984 Bay

1979 Bay

Meteorites Fanssi
1979 Bay

PC Padrona Bey
Chestnut 1991

Chestnut 1986

           Bey Shah+

 1976 Bay

#6 ALL-TIME Leading Sire
according to Volume 80

Country Magic

Chestnut 1987


*Padron  1977chestnut

#13 All-Time Leading Sire
according to Volume 80

Found Farewell to a great sire with 30 amazing years!

GA Rozon
1970 chestnut

NOTE: The symbol by Khemosabi's name ++++ indicates he has been awarded Legion of Masters merit award!  Bey Shah with + means he has been awarded the Legion of Honor merit award.  The *by Padron, indicates he was imported to the USA!



Conformation and a mind that will

 YES, he can Sire Blacks too (he's had several)!
Genetic Profile is Ee Aa

Translation of Profile, Ee indicates that Rhocky carries both Black and Red factors
Agouti (bay/bl
ack) profile is Aa. It indicates that Rhocky can produce any color, depending on the mares contributing factors and he CAN produce black.   (so far has produced chestnut, black, bay and black bays with and w/o sabino in great form or mild form or without).


Introducing : Rhomeo, 2015 Moderate W15, Pinto Colt LOTS OF CHROME ...
Stunning Pinto Colt with plenty of chin, neck, belly, chest, leg white to qualify for for colore registery with PtHA, as well as being a Purebred Arabian registered AHA.  "Rhomeo" is a Magic VF Granson, with lines to Aladdinn, MS Santana, Bask, Bey Shah, Khemosabi..........  amazing bloodlines, conformation and color to accentuate your program!  REGIONAL CHAMPION
FULL PANEL DNA TESTED-- Ee Aa, W15, Can sire any color, even blacks and can produce the pinto color W15.  He is free of all testable genetic defects including CA, SCID and LFS       SOLD, Congrats to Elizabeth of WA

Introducing.... RHEVERENCE ( Rhocky Rhoad X PR Butter Brickle) -- over 90% Arabian  Buckskin, overo.  COLT!  SOLD! 
Congrats to the Davies of TX -- 2 X WORLD CHAMPION

   Congratulations to Warren Draw Ranch--  This stunning colt by Rhocky Rhoad X Katourahs Jawhara

2013 Purebred Arabian Filly


ABOVE: Silvr Lining --Black brindled, roan, rabicano, with spots!!!!  YES, she is purebred and a rare delight!! 


Introducing......... Rhockefeller-- HE IS NOW IN ENGLAND!

Exported to Silvabak Stud in Kent, England

Purebred, Purely gorgeous!  Another striking foal from this awesome cross.  There is no need to sacrifice for can have it all.   Short back, laid back shoulder, long neck, straight legs, strong level hip, refined head, pizazz........... oh yeah!

Photos by Alice Loder


Rhumor Rhocks... (Rhocky Rhoad X GS April Tscent)-- Purebred BLACK Rabicano filly.

She has been named Rhumor...because Rhumor's are already flying about her being black!  But, SHE IS!  She had only a 12.5% chance of being black, but indeed is.  She is the full sister to Rhoad Rhave, our 2011 Jr. Stallion (Harley). 

Rhumor comes from a line of proven producers on both sire and dams side.

RHUMOR HAS is now in

Congrats to Rachel in TX on her Rhocky Rhoad colt by her 1/2 Arabian Tobiano mare...

Khonner showed at 2014 Pinto Worlds, taking two reserves!

2011, our Jr. Stallion.....

(Rhocky Rhoad X GS April Tscent) aka "Harley"
April 10,2011 Purebred Arabian COLT, EXTREME (25%+white) bay W15

Sweepstakes Nominated **Now performing in Western Dressage** SHIH Stallion Champion under the care of James Callesto and The All Around Training Center in TX

This boy is OUR dream come true!  He is not offered to the general public for sale.  Combining his outstanding conformation and color--is a personality that has stolen our hearts. He has started his show career with a FIRST and THIRD at an open show!  Winning the Color class and taking 3rd Sport Horse in Hand at 2 years old!!

Congratulations to Deanna of WY on her gorgeous PUREBRED ARABIAN filly by Rhocky Rhoad and out of her lovely mare, LF Ebony Magic!

2016 photo of Roxy *left and Rhocky Rhoad *right.
Sporting a "classic" Rhocky Rhoad head and coloring...with color around the eyes and framed in white lace, this filly also has spotting between her front legs, large belly patches, stockings and more.  Another lovely PUREBRED Arabian FIRST, with 'icing' to make you drool... 

2008, Rhocky Rhoad's first foal crop..
Rhocky Rhoad's first Purebred son,

Dominant white, the first Purebred Arabian to test for W15, DNA Typed Ee Aa


Tirhamisu aka, “Tirha”
SOLD TO Kathy Wright, KS!
7/8 Arabian 1/8 Saddlebred Bay minimal Sabino phenotype filly
Sabino trait includes disconnected white spot inside hind leg and blaze to chin and roaning

(Rhocky Rhoad X Ravenwood Im Spotless)

For pedigree click here.


2008 USDF HIGHEST SCORING HORSE at USDF Breeders Championship series with an incredible 82.4%! Scoring higher then imported horses at only 2mths old!

  Aug 2011 **Update, Tirhamisu was bred to a liver chestnut Purebred Arabian and produced quite the filly--with white splashes on he neck, flaxen gorgeous!

On The Rhocks, (Rhocky Rhoad X Ravenwood Hallelujah)-

  HAHR*3A370203 PtHA #138616  SABINO/RABICANO!
  Barn Name.. "Ice"--

7/8th Arabian 1/8th Saddlebred colt.
  Stunning Bay/White Sabino/ Rabicano
  White belly, flecks, skunk tail, roaning and more!

SOLD! Congratulations and photos courtesy of
Barb at Phantasy Arabians August 2011

"Ice", debuted at the Western Idaho State Fair August 2011, as Champion Arabian Stallion

2009 Foal crop

1/2 Arabian Pinto Chestnut/White Sabino Overo Extreme!

Rhock N Lullaby(Rhocky Rhoad X CF Blue Eyed Lullaby)

Outstanding Color and conformation!

(Rhocky Rhoad X IM Tiara) PUREBRED Bay
04/30/2010... It A COLT for Susan in IA, CONGRATS! 

Four High White Stockings, Belly spots, wide blaze, neck splashes, OH MY!  Photos by Janelle....

a Filly April 25, 2010......... 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Stock type, BLACK AND WHITE and GORGEOUS ALL OVER!

Congratulations Biers family!

(Rhocky Rhoad x Dakota Fire Dancer APHA mare) Photo May 28,2011
Filly SOLD!

  Gelding,  May 1, 2010..........1/2 Arabian 1/2 Stock Type, Bay and White

 (Rhocky Rhoad X Dakota Fancy Face APHA Mare)   Congratulations Biers Family!
1/2 Arabian/ PtHA  bay/white, gelding... now owned by Heike of WY, congrats!  He gets HUGE rave reviews!

ICON FLAIR  (Rhocky Rhoad X DJS Rainbow Lily)
PUREBRED Arabian Chestnut/white Sabino Colt!

 Photos by Becca at Purebred Chestnut Sabino...with white on his chin, neck, belly and legs, lots of roaning, and flaxen mane/tail. NO HE ISN'T a GREY!  Mom is Chestnut, Dad is Bay/Sabino

Arriving 5/22/2014--

ucing RHUMCHATA RHOCKS!  Buckskin Sabino Colt!  Approximately 87% Arabian--registered Half Arabian  full color registry with PtHA.
     He is Sold, look for "Kam" in the Pinto rings!

BOOM!  You did a second glance at this guy, didn't you?!  He was born on 5/25/2014-- out of a solid Part Arabian Buckskin mare... and YES, he is eyecatching!  INTRODUCING-- RHUBBERNECKING , aka "Snoopy"-- cause you know you'd bend that neck to see him some more... and that is called "Rubberneckin" baby-- per Elvis Presley! WOO WOO!  This guy is approximately 93% Arabian.  Registered with Half Arabian and Pinto.   He is under contract

GS April Tscent--- Has done it again!  Arriving 5/9/2014-- another stunning PUREBRED ARABIAN moderate sabino with belly spots, stockings, splashes and stunning conformation!

Introducing.... RHOLLS RHOYCE!  aka "Brantley"-- he is SOLD
Congrats to Vicki in WA on her PUREBRED Sabino Arabian Colt by Rhocky Rhoad!
Klassic Rhock, AHA and PtHA registered

This guy is offered for sale-- inquire at

Congrats to Eagle Crest Arabians in IA on their Part Arabian filly by Rhocky Rhoad,

ECA Rhaspberry Bheret!

Congrats to Heather, in IA on her part Arabian colt...WRA Memoriale Rhock

Congrats to Frankie of CO on her filly!

Regular stud fee 2016 $1250 Purebred Arabians /$750 all others,
includes non refundable booking fee $250
Shipped semen minimum of $250 (or actual cost to facility and $75 transport fee)

Subject to current fees/shipping.

REGIONAL or NATIONAL TOP FIVE MARE? USEF rated shows, $600 PB/$500*

Rhocky has been collected and shipped.  Above average motility!
These prices are subject to change, multi mare discounts as well as discounts to mares that have had a successful show career.  Regional or National/Scottdale winners Super discounts! 

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Rhocky Rhoad progeny