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Rhoad Rhave Arabian

  Chase N It Farm is proud to introduce where our program has gone and a dream come true in this awesome 2011 PUREBRED ARABIAN stallion. Sired by our awesome Rhocky Rhoad and by a stunning Aladdinn bred mare, GS April Tscent
                          RHOAD RHAVE
                     April 10,2011 Purebred Arabian COLT, EXTREME (25%+white) bay W15, rabicano


                                AHR*654310 & PtHA*142650  15hh

Photo taken 7/2017, Western Dressage Schooling show                                                          SHIH Stallion Champion

Rhoad Rhave is currently on lease to James Callesto and in the expert care of The All Around Training Center in TX.  He is preparing for the 2017 World Western Dressage show.

                             (Rhocky Rhoad X GS April Tscent) aka "Harley"
                                     above photo by Nancy Pierce, September, 2016 a spectacular capture!


At 2 years old, June, 2013 he would WIN his first COLOR class at an OPEN show in FL!! Following his WIN, he went on to place 3rd in Sport Horse In Hand!!  We are super proud!

RHOAD RHAVE-- does NOT stand to the public.  The following are some examples of his foals.

Rhoad Rhave's first Purebred Filly of 2016-- showed at Scottsdale, 2017 ~ Proudly bred by Chase N It Farm and now owned/shown by Garrett of AZ

Rhoad Rhave's 2nd foal crop-- is out of this world!


Purebred Bay Arabian Filly Cinderhella                          Half Arabian colt sired by Rhoad Rhave

(Rhoad Rhave X Jubilee Majic) she is SOLD!                Bred by Ilona McDill -Under Contract

Half Arabian colt by Rhoad Rhave

Bred by Ilona McDill-- Available for purchase

As of 2017-- Rhoad Rhave is concentrating on his training and is not expecting any 2018 foals.


He was not born 'just a pinto', he was not bred 'just for color', he is not 'JUST ANOTHER HORSE'!

This colt was born in the dead darkness of a gloomy night, we used lanterns and headlights to see through the dark.  I was thrilled at this wet tangled mass of colt that lay before me, the typey head, extremely long legs, big expressive eyes, outstanding proportions of the neck, shoulder and croup.  He was quickly wrapped in towels and then a blanket.  I was thrilled, THIS IS AN ARABIAN COLT WITH STALLION POTENTIAL, THIS WAS MY DREAM COME TRUE!  I went to bed with the check list of what I envision in the Arabian breed, a colt with a fantastic long level croup, a typey head, an awesome angled shoulder, long legs, short back, big impressive pedigree an awesome sire and dam!  I was tickled silly.......

then came the morning sun, and what was unveiled to me was a painted vision, 

the morning sunshine revealed this amazing painted Arabian vision......a dream of 6 years come true.  Since the day his father (Rhocky Rhoad) entered my life, I dreamt of breeding a colt of his quality, and this--my friends--IS that exceptional colt
This boy is OUR dream come true!  He is not offered to the general public for sale.  Combining his outstanding conformation and color--is a personality that has stolen our hearts.  He loves people, attention and my baby girl!  I will estimate him at 30%-40% white, plus a rabicano, to boot.

Color is the icing, NOT the horse.


Rhocky Rhoad (Khartoon Khlassic X PC Padrona Bey).  This EXCEPTIONAL stallion is the sire of our colt.  He is the great Khemosabi's grandson and by a Bey Shah and Padron granddaughter.  He proved himself in the USDF show ring, as has numerous progeny.  His first daughter taking USDF HIGHEST SCORE at the entire event and his first son making big strides, exported to Switzerland, another son exported to England, and a daughter(Harley's full sibling) has been exported to Australia. Harley has a phenomenal neck, shoulder, long level croup, flag tail, short back, big eyes, tiny muzzle, movement and appeal of a great Arabian.  A personality that will melt any person, Arabian lover or not. 

GS APRIL TSCENT (DW Electric Moment X RA Mistique).  This EXCEPTIONAL mare is the dam of our colt!  Her sire is a 3 time cross to the great Aladdinn and her dam is by a Bey Shah grandson and El Hilal granddaughter.  She has proven herself under saddle and in the breeding pen with a Pinto WORLD CHAMPION son in halter, Innishfael Maxximus.  This mare has an incredible long level croup, short back, stands an honest 15.1hh, lovely shoulder, stunning head, and sooo people compliant.  She took up after years of no riding and went back to it. 
       THE DYNAMICS CREATED........... A DYNAMIC.........

He is all the RAVE....he is our RHOAD RHAVE!  Being in SD, the rave of the road near Sturgis, SD in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota, is the Harley (Davidson motorcylce), so this is our RHOAD RHAVE, barn name "Harley".


Rhoad Rhave as a baby! 

an Arabian 'live in your tent' personality, that shines for our toddler

What you will find, he is a Khemosabi++++// gr. grandson, he is 4th generation Bey Shah, Padron and Aladdinn, 5th generation Bey Shah, Padron, Fadjur, El Hilal, Aladdinn.
 All the greats, made for the GREATEST!

Khemosabi++++//                                *Padron                                                    Bey Shah+   

Fadjur                                                     El Hilal