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Rhocky Rhoad progeny
I am delighted and thrilled to know that Rhocky Rhoad has become such a name sake for Sabino Arabians following in his sire, Khartoon Khlassic's awesome light.  We are honored and delighted that many know of Rhocky Rhoad and have used his services or purchased his kids...

Rhocky Rhoad is an amazing stallion.  Not only does he exemplify the Arabian breed with his incredible conformation, he is showing the world that sabino coloring coexists in superior Arabians... with lines that are reknowned around the globe......additionally Rhocky Rhoad is an amazing soul that has served as my inspiration for years.  He has gotten me through a series of terrible losses and followed me through incredible gain.  He stands fast, ever ready to greet me with a nicker and a hug.  He carries me through the pasture on the wings of Faith.  He is not now, nor will ever be.......just a horse.  He is an amazing stallion that I am honored to be in the company of. 

The true mark of a wonderful stallion is not only the natural presence, bloodlines, show record, but who HE is.  This Rhocky Rhoad, is one of greatness that will forever be one of my greatest adventures.... the Rhocky Rhoad, is the Rhoad of greatness, only off the paved roads, do you find the untouched beauty straight from Heaven.... the colorful sunsets and breaking dawns, the rock formations, rolling grasses, and freedom of spirit...

The mark of Rhocky's greatness has been seen in the ring, under saddle, in my life...and ultimately, through is progeny.  Below are his kids.....that are a living legacy to this great stallion.

2008 foals by Rhocky Rhoad, above left, Purebred Arabian stallion, Rhevelation, above right, 7/8 USDF Champion, Tirhamisu.

2009 stallion, On The Rhocks, 7/8th Arabian,above left                                  Third Rhock, 7/8th gelding multiple show winner
Champion Arabian W. Idaho State Fair
2009 Purebred Arabian colt, at 3yrs, Icon Flair(left),                    2009Purebred Arabian Stallion, Khavan Flair (right)
2011 Purebred stallion, Rhoad Rhave                                                     2011 Purebred Filly, RhockNRholl Magic
First show at Open event in Florida WINS COLOR Class

takes 3rd in SHIH
2011 Purebred filly, Innishfael Rhockette            full siblings          2012 Purebred colt, Rhockefeller exported to
                                                                                                                        Silvabak Stud, Kent , ENGLAND 

                                                                                                 First show in UK Open event he won 2~ 1sts, 1 2nd, and CHAMPION
                                                                                                                  He qualified for the Royal London Show for Equifest
2012 Purebred BLACK  Filly, Rhumor Rhocks,                                         2013 Purebred BLACK/Sabino (not grey) filly, Silvr Lining
SOLD TO AUSTRALIA                                                                                          Sold to the Inverted Y, FL
2010 Purebred colt. "Hottie" (deceased)                                                                2012 Purebred colt, CJS HardRhocker SHIH Champ.