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CVM Natural Colored Sheep

We are the producers of California Variegated Mutant Sheep. 
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CVM sheep are natural colored sheep with "Next to the Skin soft wool"!
NEW for 2014-- we now use a professional shearing service-- the top guy in SD!!


Wool as of Early September, 2012 by a 2012 lamb
RESERVATIONS FOR 2017 NOW OPEN-- LIMITED Stock/lambs available for purchase.... email for more information, paypal accepted. 

Above is a lock of wool off our 2013 shearing of a yearling lamb!!  Over 7lbs of wool was harvested off of her!

$25 deposit will hold fleece.  $25/lb per pound for first and 2nd shearing, $20/lb for 3rd+ shearing, plus shipping.....  *fleece is raw, unwashed. Our sheep are fed fruits/veggies and peanut butter sandwiches (courtesy of our kids).  We do our very best to keep our animals happy.  Our sheep are coated for cleaner wool, and less vm then uncoated sheep.  We make every attempt to send out the best of the fleeces!  Staple length throughout the fleeces will vary. 
"Range" (below) fleece is AVAILABLE for 2016-- $20/lb -- $20 deposit

"Airplane" 2015 wether(below) -- first shearing Available for 2016 $25/lb, $25 deposit

"Atlas" (below) 2014 ram--  AVAILABLE for 2016 shearing- 2nd shearing-- $25/lb, $25 deposit

"Phoebe" (below)2014 ewe-- 2nd Shearing $25/lb, $25 deposit

"Spring" 2014 ewe-- $25/lb $25 deposit 2015 shearing shown


Apple (below) 2013 light cream variegated (ewe)--

Brooke(below) 2013 light cream variegated (ewe)-- 3rd shearing $20/lb, $20 deposit


Black (below 2013 shear) 2012 lamb black variegated - 3rd shearing, $20/lb $20 deposit

Mocha (17)  2012 lamb moorit --available 5th shearing-- $20/lb $20 deposit

Above photo is yarn spun from one of the light cream variegated adult ewes

              (Cookie & Cream-)

Our sheep are coated for clean wool! RERVATIONS for 2014 are now closed.

Cookie , Black , and Mocha

Our sheep are fed fresh fruits and veggies.... and are happy!

Wool on a 2012 lamb as of early September.

above is the wool on our 2012 lamb "Black"

front adult ewe-- light grey/cream variegated-


Email me at

2012 Raw fleece of of "Don" our ram...  packages of his wool are available, both washed and unwashed, as I am working small sections at a time.  I'm currently working the wool by hand and have started some yarn!

NO GUARANTEE is made to the use-ability of the fleece.  Fleece will be weighed and measured to the best of our ability.  No deposits paid to reserve a fleece will be refunded if a fleece is refused, it will be applied to another fleece. 

*Sales of wool in South Dakota subject to sales tax  ** We make no warrant to the length of the fleece.