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2017 FOALS

Chase N It and Make N It Real....updated 7/27/2017
RHOCKY RHOAD'S  exciting foal crops with sales offerings.
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All foals on this page are by Arabian Stallion : Rhocky Rhoad
(one by RHOAD RHAVE)


   SIRE: Rhocky Rhoad (Khartoon Khlassic X Pc Padrona Bey) Reference Stallions below

Khartoon Khlassic     Khemosabi++++//         Bey Shah+          Padron*

Welcome our latest arrivals at Chase N It Farm, by Rhocky Rhoad......
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2017 foals-- we have ONE Purebred 2017 Filly by Rhocky Rhoad--available:
Introducing~ Arhiel (Rhocky Rhoad X Finbask) ~~ Perfectly gorgeous Purebred Arabian filly-- offered for your consideration. Sweepstakes nominated.  $3500 cash.

Finbask (Finzak X GG Zorbask)-- Purebred Arabian mare is in foal to Rhocky Rhoad for Spring of 2017!  This shall be a tremendous foal, we are looking forward to!!



Rhoad Rhave ( Rhocky Rhoad X GS April Tscent), 2011 Stallion.  Under Saddle with Kevin McPeck.  Proven Producer of Colored foals and consistent conformtion improvement.  15hh.  Sweepstakes. 

Introducing-- CINDERHELLA-- Stunning Purebred Arabian filly-- plenty of pinto qualifying white~

Available for purchase-- email  SOLD!

Jubilee Majic is the dam of multiple champions, including a 7X Canadian world Champion, one foal from being an AHW Aristocrat mare!

Minimum Expressed Sabino (mn):
Any Registered Purebred Arabian horse that has one or more of the following: high white leg markings extending past mid-knee or mid-hock; detached leg markings; a wide blaze, apron blaze, or bald face markings that extends past where the bridle would lay (bottom lip white extending past chin strap); these and/or white body markings that are not large enough to be registered pinto.
Moderately Expressed Sabino (md): Any Registered Purebred Arabian horse with enough white to be registered with the Pinto Horse Association (check pinto regulations at and up to 25% body white.  A Pinto Horse, without respect to age, must have four (4) square inches of white hair with underlying pink skin.
Extreme Expressed Sabino (ex): Any Registered Purebred Arabian horse with an extreme amount of body white.  The Extreme expressed Sabino often has splashy white markings and can be a loudly marked overo with body white over 25% and up to 50% with underlying pink skin.
Maximum Expressed Sabino (mx):
Any Registered Purebred Arabian horse with over 50% body white with underlying pink skin.  A Maximum expressed horse may be born almost pure white with a medicine hat (dark markings on the ears and forelock rese