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Mini Aussies PUPPIES


We are not a kennel....we are a home overrun with devotion, faithful companions, best buds, that happen to be athletic working dogs...our dogs live in our home and our hearts and work on our farm. 

Born 6/13/2017 -- 6 stunning puppies out of Razzle
4 puppies are available!  Email for an application--
"Storm Trooper" is a blue merle male ~ both AVAILABLE   "TobyMac" is a black tri-male ~

"Cloud" is blue merle, male ON HOLD            "Cane" is a blue merle, male-- AVAILABLE


"Bolt" is a black  tri, male AVAILABLE              "lightening" is on HOLD


Reservations/Pre Approval may be requested through email-- to

If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please email again or call.

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Puppies are available to approved homes only... no breeding rights.  Interested parties my email for an application to
Puppies--have been 'theme' named after vacuums--for them being 4 legged ones...  Serious inquiries welcome.


ON HOLD--means someone has been approved and is sending a deposit, this puppy could become available again

RESERVED--means someone has put a deposit on this puppy, it could become available again

ADOPTED--means someone has completed the adoption process and this puppy will NOT be available again

One of our previous litters...all, now enjoying their forever homes...
       from the East Coast to Alaska!

Puppies now in Alaska, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Montana, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, California, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Canada!
Serious inquiries, only, please!


At Chase N It Farm, we believe that all puppies have the potential to do amazing things--body or eye color doesn't change that!!  As for size, some hugs are bigger then others........but who can complain?!  If you only want only a toy and only want a certain eye color, then we are likely not the place for you to find a puppy.  Our puppies vary in sizes from toys to larger and eyes are difficult to determine before 7 weeks, and most puppies already have a forever home by then.  Now, if you want a puppy raised to be the ultimate family dog--well started in housebreaking with a heart the size of the world...then request an application today!  Love/faithfulness/heart and companionship come in all sizes and colors!!


Remember a puppy---is a dog for life!  Our puppies do not go to just anyone...we are actively seeking only the best possible candidates for our puppies forever home.  Due to the quality and limited number that we produce, generally our 'kids' are placed very quickly.  Please call or email to get on our list--to anxiously await the arrival of your next best friend!!

See our previous puppies & how gorgeous they are, by clicking the orange box to the upper right.
Scroll down to learn more about their pedigrees, jobs, and personalities.


Email to be put on our notification list or get approved to be a puppy parent!

No breeding rights/Companions only
Our puppies are not sold-they are adopted to well qualified homes.  Interested individuals/families will be interviewed to determine if a Chase N It puppy will fit your home, not everyone will qualify. 
Chase N It Puppies are only for the EXTRA SPECIAL Family, looking to expand their family!
Fitting Forever homes is #1 Priority for us.
ALL deposits or money paid for puppies are non refundable.



Chase N It farm is proud of our 'kids'


Introducing...American Stock Dog Registered Mini Aussies
Registration NSDR and ASDR


Reno's Happy EAR (also the wind blew it up)--his ear does NOT stand up all the time
(but the wind DOES blow most of the time)
--all the better to hear the rabbits!

Chase N Reno
17 inch red tri stud dog with stunning conformation, striking color and points, and an amazing personality. 
Loving, devoted, hearty, and dependable.
Reno is the heart of our program, bringing us a devotion like no other, breeding body and soul and striking good looks into his pups! 

This boy has TONS of coat!


Reno has proven his NATURAL herding instincts by moving 15 cow/calf pairs solo!  He moved some cows that have never experienced a herding dog EVER..and thought he must be crazy coming after them.  The look on that cows face as this little dog seemed to GROW in size and ambition........was she turned and high tailed it along!

Reno has been our "SOCIAL BUTTERFLY" since we got him.  He can be seen regularily attending Farm Auctions in Western South Dakota.  He attends the office daily, meets our clients, and maintains that "TUXEDO" that you see standing ever vigile waiting in the truck while we tend to business that doesn't allow dogs.  

Reno is a gentle soul that loves to please.  He is a natural with tricks--doing shake, touch, other foot, and high fives.  Reno is quick to allow the children to put a hand on him and loves to ride 'shotgun'.
                                         A proven Champion pedigree

Lewis' Ledoux
Waggin' Tail Mighty Quinn

 Woodcocks Frankie Boy

Woodcocks Little Tiny
Indigo Magpies Waltzing Matilda
Indigo Magpies Fire Dog
Indigo Magpies Octobrina
Saddleback Lewis' Shye Skye #ASDM-CA-0500009
Blue Merle
Lulan's Hanks Blue Jazz

Wanna'be Ducky of AL

Wanna'be Toulouse to Win
Chappell's Murphy
Benchmarks Chuck
Tarrants Louise


14inches tall and 22lbs.

TMR CASEY TIBBS-- sired by TMR Song and Dance and dam: TMR Princess Jasmine of Goldenheart

Scroll down to see the GIRLS..

Chase N It Farm difference....

Anyone can find a "Mini Aussie", so what is the difference?  The difference starts with QUALITY!  To Chase N It Farm, the QUALITY, is more important then the price.  We have been in mini aussies since 2004, standard Aussies since 1989 and in dog breeding since 1984.  I have bred, trained and shown in breed conformation, agility and obedience. 
This is not a fancy way to say our dogs are more expensive, but this is our way of get what we say.  First and foremost we are not a kennel.  Our dogs do not live in a kennel, they live, eat, sleep and play in our home, on our carpet, in our beds, and everyone over 4mths of age IS HOUSEBROKE!

The Chase N It Farm bringing to life dreams.  Our dogs are bred for devotion, conformation, athleticism, and personalities.  What does this mean for you?  It means our dogs will stay by you through thick and thin, are well built enough to handle the job at hand, athletic enough to do things you could only imagine, with the personalities that will make you laugh and understand when you need someone to tell your woes too!

Chase N It Farm mini aussies are our family.  They received regular vet exams, are always up to date on vaccines, worming and preventative care!  We do not cut corners to try to save a dime, we appreciate your investment of money, time and love and we want to give you the most for your money.  Our dogs are fed premium NUTRO dog food, they are started on housebreaking, they have shots/deworming and socializing!  They come with unlimited puppy support, pictures, puppy kits and LOTS OF TIME!

Chase N It Farm mini aussies are guaranteed for at least two years*......or I will provide you another puppy for shipping and health papers price only!  TO BOOT--I go further and tell you, my puppies are ALWAYS WELCOME back.  If you are struck with some tragety that forces you to part with our pups, we will take them back and guarantee we will love them forever or find a new home for them.....



Chase N It Girls, Our "momma's"

Next Generation of Girls..

To keep with true Chase N It style, we were compelled to keep a red merle offspring of Reno and Vegas. 


Chase N Mirage
(by: Chase N Reno and out of :Chase N Vegas) 
, HC n/n  American Stock Dog Registered

Chase N Mirage (or Mirage) is a Search and Rescue Dog!

This little girl is 16inches and is a glorious red merle with a split face and amazing blue eyes.  Her coloring is striking!  She has been given the knick name of "Little Err"(pronounced rrr).......cause since she was 4 wks old, she always says " Err" when you pick her up.  Just a fun little tid bit in her soul!

Mirage is a natural in Search and Rescue!  Agility beyond proving she has the "nose" for saving lives!

Mirage--like her mother, learns incredibly fast.  She knows how to 'dance', roll over, stand up, keep the stock away from the trucks, hunts rodents, herds, and assists during my training sessions with other dogs.

TMR Razzle Dazzle

Gorgeous mini Blue merle with Spotted Blue Eyes! CERF clear American Stock Dog Registered


Razzle is by
International Ch. Timberline Treasure of Saddleback X of Muti Champion TMR A Little Too Blue


Razzle's Mom is the 'perfect' mini aussie--to me... I fell in love and KNEW one of her pups, had to be mine!  Razzle's Dad is an International Champion, as well!


VEGAS , my lovely 16.5inch blue merle with striking blue eyes...
This girl, holds my heart--and on 01/14/2013-- a huge peice of my heart went with Vegas when the angels took her.  We lost Vegas, by an accident on the farm.....  I've lived the moment every day since I lost her.  She is still with me and my family in the broken peices of our hearts.  Vegas IS forever loved by us.  She was my toddlers angel-that has taught me more then words can say about being a patient mom, loving and forever endeering.  She taught her own daughter, Mirage, how to be a wonderful mom.  My house is full of memories, photos, and the love that we shared.  She was one of the greatest and her love and life, lives on. 


Cabalina Vegas- NSDR 


"Vegas" brings to our breeding, not only her fabulous merle color and blue eyes, but her impeccable devotion, herding know how, universitality, and body, heart, and soul.  Vegas is a proven herding dog, companion, protector, and even a pheasant hunter!  Vegas loves playing in water, is an awesome swimmer, and a great "automatic" sprinkler service if you just let her have the hose outside.  She is an amazing mother as she cared for nine babies, but she also remained devoted to her momma, keeping an ever vigil eye over me too.  Her and Reno's pups are a living testimonial to how fabulous this little girl is.

Vegas--learns so quickly.  She knows how to 'hike' a football, catch a frisbee, keep the horses away from the truck, bird hunt, loves water, diving and swimming, she keeps children entertained for hours playing keep away, she is a true tribute to an outstanding breed!

THIS GIRL CAN WORK! Vegas' Herding Challange..See story above about our 3500 acre, 23 mile cattle round up!  We brought in a couple hundred head!!  Vegas was awesome.  Our horse corrals were overrun by 11 cows and a calf that crawled the neighboring fence.  As I pulled up to the gate to get to the corrals, I saw what was going trusty Vegas by my side.  I opened my truck door to get out and open the gate.......I simply said "Get Em going Vegas!".....and out she bounded.  Heading for the 9 cows she saw outside the corrals she rounded the calf back around and sent the 9 cows in motion away.  Not a bark, just a silent serious the cows took VERY Seriously. 

At this point, the 1 minute that it was taking me to open the gate.....seemed endless as I have clocked Vegas at 24mph (she can now do 26MPH!)!  Seeing that she did not see the remaining 2 cows in our corral......eating our hay.....I yelled out "Come Back" and pointed to the corral and said "In THERE"......Vegas came running full speed around flew into the corral ran the remaining two cows right up and with the rest of them!  ALL THIS IN LESS THEN 60seconds..roughly.....that it took me to open the gate and get in the truck.

I drove up, following her.....telling her "GET EM OUTTA HERE".

That little girl has the heart of a lion.  I stood there in AWE as she got them through the fence and heading AWAY!  She herded those cows and calf to the next county....TRUELY, as our pastures sit on the county line.  She took them 1/4 mile and came running back to me with the biggest smile on her face EVER!  Not bad for NATURAL intinct, since she has not herded cattle before.  Somedays I's totally understand the English language.

Registered ASDR & NSDR

Cabalina Rim Fire Guy
Red Merle/white/copper
Patchworks Cinder Rock
Scattercreek's Classie Suzie
Cabalina Riverbend Jezebel
Simpson's Patch
Simpson's Pepper

Archived News:......
NEWS:  06/19/2010 Vegas is a dockdog! Deadwood, SD

Fun photos

Can we play too, Grandma?


NEWS::Check out our homegrown girl, Chase N Mirage (our red merle girl)... Mirage is our gorgeous girl that we produced and raised...she is a Search and Rescue dog-- and did fabulous at her annual Search and Rescue training event May, 2009!  Our water search.....

NEWS:: 06/05/2009 ...C
hase N Vegas... aka.. VEGAS--went on her first cattle round up!  We covered 23 miles and chased and brought back, 4 cow/calves on the run--trying to escape the herd.  As I rode my gelding, Gator (16.1hh)--my trusty girl...16.5 inches...kept pace with us at a full gallop AND she ran past to catch the cattle to turn them back to us!  Then we kept the herd of 100 pair in line while we moved them up a canyon...She was thrilled with the biggest smile you could imagine...she had her dreams come true--streams to cool in, cattle to chase, and a soft bed to kick back on at the end of the day.  This LITTLE girl--impressed some mightly BIG cattle folk!

NEWS::  June, 2009 CISCO (a previous Reno/Vegas pup)--just won 1st place in his Frisbee competition!!!   Thank you Jason and Melissa for giving this guy an awesome life!!

See more puppy news on 'previous partnered puppy page'.




Miniature Australian Shepherds are derived from the Standard Australian Shepherd.  By reducing the size of the Australian Shepherd, the minis have proved to be able to maintain working status and abilities......yet seem calmer in their general nature and fit into more homes and situations.  It takes qualified breeders to attempt to maintain mini size and standard qualities.

The mini aussie is a high energy dog that requires an outlet for their energy.  They need regular it ball playing, running, romping, working cattle, chasing bunnies, playing frisbee.......they NEED an outlet. 

SPEED...Mini Aussies are UNBELIEVABLY fast.  I have clocked mine at a steady 26 MPH!  So they need room to run or an active home that has children that play or bike, or "parents" that are active and situations that they can participate in.

My experience is some are more prone to athletic tendancies then others.  My females give over 100% all the time...for as long as they can (i.e. love to run in open spaces)......whereas the males seem more content to cuddle (they love to run too......but seem content either way). 

Mini Aussies are wonderful companions!  They are compact to fit comforatably in your life, yet energetic to keep up in whatever your fun.  We have puppies that now ride four wheelers, run along on a trail ride, ride all day in a car, stay by the tractors, ever vigile towards their human children, TOTALLY FAITHFUL!

Mini Aussies are very DEVOTED.  They have no desire to run off from their family once they are bonded.  Mini Aussies are very trainable.  Very intelligent.  They, like any dog, need rules, boundaries, and training.

Mini Aussies can be prone to the same problems as the Standard Aussies.  The biggest defect comes from breeding two merles together.  This can create a homozygous merle (yes everyone loves merles), however doing this creates a genetic defect causing blind and/or deafness in varying degrees.  These dogs are NOT good breeding and breeders must make the choice to destroy live puppies based on a color assumption.....assuming these dogs have the blind/deaf traits.  By breeding a merle to a solid, bi, or tri.......this is totally allievated, but the # of merles are drastically reduced.

   EYES-- Australian Shepherds are prone to eye disorders that breeding stock should be tested for , in an attempt to prevent further breeding of these problems.

  HIPS--Australian Shephers are prone to hip disorders, again breeding stock should be tested regular, in an attempt to prevent futher breeding of these problems.

Mini Aussies SHED!  Mini Aussies have coats that vary in thickness and length, some are easy keepers (we call them wash and wear) and others have these gorgeous glorious coats that require more upkeep.  EITHER COAT WILL SHED heavily at least twice a year.  They have long "britches" on their rear that require clipping or trimming to prevent fecal matter from sticking to them.  The shedded coat MUST BE REMOVED, if the shed is not removed (by a professional if you do not have the means), the skin can become air deprived and cause skin problems or infections.

Mini Aussies GIVE YOU THEIR ALL! 100% of the time, you can ALWAYS count on your Mini Aussie to watch you, love you, work for you, they willing to die for you!  Mini Aussies NEED LOTS OF EARLY AND CONTINUED socializing.  They are very family oriented and protective.  They need to be trained to know how to behave in social situations.  Mini Aussies, like our RENO, can be socialized and trained to interact with many people.  WITHOUT PROPER SOCIALIZING AND TRAINING.......your Aussie (large or small) can be protective!  TRAINING IS A MUST!  Obedience, agility, flyball, and just plain doing have the greatest rewards.


I've recently read where breeders are NOT docking tails--claiming cruelty reasons--

Do not be deceived, these are typically back yard breeders that do not want to INVEST in what is RIGHT for this breed and sanitary conditions of your dog.  If you want a long tailed breed, please look into a Border Collie.  Reputable breeders breed true to the breed standards--including that they have docked or naturally bobbed tails. Below is taken from the American Kennel Club breed standard--same applies to mini's ..

Australian Shepherd Breed Standard

Herding Group

General Appearance

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guarding instincts. He is a loyal companion and has the stamina to work all day. He is well balanced, slightly longer than tall, of medium size and bone, with coloring that offers variety and individuality. He is attentive and animated, lithe and agile, solid and muscular without cloddiness. He has a coat of moderate length and coarseness. He has a docked or natural bobbed tail.

The tail is docked to follow breed standard and has been done for sanitary reasons for as long as the breed's inception.

Mini Aussie tails are docked (as are standards) because some are born naturally 'bobbed' and the others are done because Aussies have long 'britches' (hair on their bottoms)--combine this with a long tail with long hair--and you can have a dog that has fecal matter stuck to their anus and field debris--causing infections and skin irritations--not to mention it smells bad and is dirty.

This is the BREED STANDARD, it is what we strive to follow.  I have seen breeders attempt to cut corners, and dock tails at home WE DO NOT!  *Yes a poor dock (at home job) can be worse then a non docked tail.  That is why there are guidelines for length for docks.   We use a qualified veterinary and consult on every one.  In the long run this makes for happier dogs and owners. 

In addition, my dogs are working dogs, and long tails would hinder their maneuverability while working.  Dogs often have to move suddenly, in any direction to avoid getting pinned by livestock or shoots.  If they stepped on a long tail--they could get severly injured or even killed.

Tails are docked and dew claws removed (extra toes that can get hung up and cause bleeding/pain) when puppies are 2 days old.  They are strong at 2 days and have limited nerve endings to these areas.  The process is done in a few minutes--and is done by my qualified vet in a sterile enviroment where they are sealed in surgical glue and stitches. 

My opinion...if you want a long tail, you do not want an Aussie.  Tail docking is not negotiable.  No reputable Aussie breeder would consider NOT keeping an Aussie an Aussie, in all ways, from nose to tail!

When shopping for the 'perfect pup', please take into account what the breed standard is.  If you do not like 'one thing', do not try to change it.....find a better suited breed.   My first suggestion for those wanting a beautiful, intelligent, long haired, long tailed, herding dog?  BORDER COLLIES ROCK!

My passion comes with conforming the best possible animals to the standard!  Cutting corners in tail docking--is rediculous to me.  Always has been, always will be.

I can't say I'm sorry, because I am not.  I will always strive to meet breed standards in my dogs and horses.  If you do not like this, then please move on.  While I cherish visitors and love comments, I did not ask your opinion and you won't change mine.

American Stock Dog is doing their job and doing it well.  Kudos To YOU ASDR!

Partnered Puppies!